tips to improve your small office space

Most of us spend far more hours than we would actually like in our offices staring at computer screens and trying to finish that big project before the deadline. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in an office space that doesn’t inspire creative thought and productivity. No one can work to their best standards while confined to a dull grey box with no windows, no light and no personality.

It’s super important to set up your work environment to suit your business needs and to promote positive work attitudes from your colleagues. A few simple decorations, furniture choices and work habits can make a huge difference to the productivity of the team and make coming to work something you actually look forward to.

This is particularly beneficial to startups that are currently working out of an office the size of a shoebox. There’s no need to feel claustrophobic and like you’re working in a fish tank. Even the smallest of spaces can be fantastic areas to work in if you just follow a few very simple steps.

Here are some of our fave ideas, solutions and tips on how you can make your office space somewhere you actually want to come to every day! Get your employees skipping out their door in the morning!

1. Add some colour

It is amazing what a difference a splash of paint can do to a room. Just be careful with your colour choice – no one really wants to sit in a spearmint green room all day. Think back to the 90s and just go for a simple feature wall – teal blue seems to be popular at the moment. Get the best 120 lb cardstock deals.

2. Choose the right furniture to suit the room

Select your desks, chairs and cupboards to suit the size and style of the room. Bulky boardroom chairs won’t fit in a cupboard-sized office so perhaps go for a smaller option. Measure the room before you go to IKEA so you know how many Billy bookshelves you can actually fit in the space without having to lose a team member.

3. Store items off-site

If your business owns lots of additional equipment that you don’t use every day but need to have access to, then consider hiring an external storage space. Some storage companies will even collect the items for you – LOVESPACE will collect, store and deliver your belongings so you don’t have to worry about transport.

4. Keep things tidy

A tidy office is a happy office. Make sure you have plenty of storage options and have regular cleanouts to keep your office space free of clutter. There’s a reason why your mother always told you to clean your room – now listen to her wise words and keep your office neat and tidy.

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